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Archives: May 2003

Fri May 16, 2003

unemployment here i come

it's been ten days since i last wrote something here. i guess that's pretty standard for me, because when i find out that i'm being laid off, i tend to fall off the face of the internet for a while. i suppose i'll manage one way or another.

jobs in this area are sparse, and i'm not really up for relocation. i've got an excellent place now, low rent, lots of property, beautiful area, heck, i'm home. i've sent out about 10 resumes and applications so far, and i've not heard anything. once again, i guess that's pretty standard. i was unemployed for 9 months before i found the job i've got now (until the end of the month, at least), and in those 9 months i think i got three (yeah, that's right, 3) interviews. why is it that i'm always "overqualified"? right, what do you want me to forget? i'll forget it, i swear i will!

sometimes i wonder if it was worth it going to school all those years and getting those scraps of paper that say i'm a "master" at something. yeah, i've got an education, copious amounts of student loans to pay back, myriad talents and abilities, but yet i'm to be unemployed once again. maybe some day i'll have a job that's got some security behind it. i'm a good worker; i'm rarely sick; i'm multi-talented; i'm organized; i'm personable; i'm excellent in customer service and teaching; i'm a nerd who can explain nerdy stuff to people who don't even know how to turn on a computer. what is it that makes me so unemployable?

right, i guess it's time to fade away now. i'll try to keep up on this a little better from now on between all the job interviews i'll have (wish me luck, eh?).

Posted by: mock turtle on 16 May, 03 | 02:25

Wed May 07, 2003


so, dramamine doesn't work. it made me tired and dizzy, and hence caused me to get sick anyhow. therefore, i don't have any pictures of our trip. though i was sick, i had a great time, and we all caught our limits. mum and i came home with about 22 pounds of bottom fish (pacific snapper, ling cod, cabezon). next time, i'll try to plan it on a warmer day which will allow me to stay nearer the bow where i tend to be more comfortable. i spoke to my doctor, and there's a naturopathic method to avoid sea-sickness which i will take full advantage of before the next time i go. i definitely plan on going again!

other than that, there's not really any news in my life right now. i'm working for the moment (evidently our shift is shutting down at the beginning of next month), and trying to keep all my ducks in a row. wish me luck, eh?

Posted by: mock turtle on 07 May, 03 | 00:26

Thu May 01, 2003

may day

hopefully that's something we won't have to say on saturday. dad and i conspired to take mum deep-sea fishing this weekend, so we've got to leave their house at about 0430 to make the boat on time. it's a six-hour trip, and i'm looking forward to it immensely. the weather's supposed to be beautiful, so maybe i'll take my camera and see what kind of pictures i could put up here.

so, order of business for tomorrow is to get dramamine (just in case, having never been on the pacific), pack extra clothes in a waterproof pack, gather up snackable foods for the trip, and clean out the truck. the guy i spoke to when i made the reservations said that the pacific is a lot calmer than the caribbean which is the only place i've been on the water in a small boat. i remember it being terribly choppy. i probably would have been fine if i hadn't gone below--this time i'll remember to keep my eyes on that horizon line. the boat we'll be on is the "irish", a nice nod to our heritage.

so, that's about all i've got planned for the weekend. as i said, i'll try to get a couple pics up here when i get back. and hopefully i'll have a freezer full of fish next week!

Posted by: mock turtle on 01 May, 03 | 23:37

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