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Archives: November 2003

Sun Nov 02, 2003

weekend on the water

kayakingright, so i didn't get the chance to update this last week after going kayaking with mum all weekend... it took me all week just to recuperate from staying up too late! we did a total of almost 20 miles last weekend, and the weather was perfect. there was nothing that could have made it better; as it were, there was almost no wind, and it was warm enough that we could paddle around without worrying about jackets or windbreakers. the sky was blue, the water was refreshingly cool, the seals were frolicking in the almost nonexistent surf, and we snuck up on all sorts of avian wildlife.

saturday we paddled the siltcoos river canoe trail from the lake to the coast. salmon were jumping around us, and we followed kingfishers, herons, and plovers all the way down to the waves. it was amazingly beautiful. if only this weekend were comparable! on the way back north, we stopped and picked up crab nets for dad's birthday. we decided we should test them out before we took them home, and we were able to bring home one crab. here's a picture of mum enjoying herself on the water with an amazing reflection.

sunday, we paddled around the bay for a few hours before dropping in the crab nets. we also paddled in between pulling up the nets and ended up coming home with three crabs. so even though we didn't catch our limit, we had enough crab to last us a couple days of eating crab cakes, crab louis, crab dip, crab cream cheese on crackers, and several other iterations of crab that i can't think of right now.

this weekend it's cold and raining. we finally had our first freeze a couple days ago when the temperature dropped below 20, and now it's warmed up to about 45 degrees. it's almost positively balmy outside right now, which is why i'm here in front of the computer in my relatively warm house with my heavy jacket and wool socks on. maybe next weekend it won't be quite so windy, and we'll get out on the water again.

Posted by: mock turtle on 02 Nov, 03 | 12:07

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