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Archives: June 2004

Mon Jun 28, 2004

rants-so to speak

i've added a couple article i wrote about three years ago to the "rants" section, though i don't know if they really qualify as rants.

mum and i went to see the michael moore documentary fahrenheit 9/11, and we were impressed by it. the film is intense; when we got home the only thing we wanted to do was sleep or rant--always good, either way.

i've seen more films in the past month than i'd seen in the past couple years, though i can't remember if they were all any good. harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban is an excellent movie, but it certainly helps to have read the book to get all the background information that is left out. shrek 2 was also an excellent film that i need to see again. i'm sure i've seen several other films in in the cinema, but i can't remember them right now. i'll update again once i've though more about it.

Posted by: mock turtle on 28 Jun, 04 | 17:00

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