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Archives: July 2006

Mon Jul 17, 2006

at last...

i haven't had much to say over the past month, as i'm sure is obvious by the lack of posting here. we found a beautiful house not too far from downtown and not too close to neighbours, and we moved in a few days before the ides of june. about three days after we'd moved into the house, i managed to torque my knee so seriously as to curtail my ability to walk for two weeks. that put a serious damper on my job hunt as well as my organizing of the house. now that i'm finally able to walk without the assistance of crutches or a cane, i'm able to pound the pavement looking for work. and that's been quite the unsuccessful endeavour as of yet, but i'm hoping that something will come through soon. i admit that i'm becoming a little bit desperate due to the approaching bills, but i'm not down the drain yet… circling it, yes, but not down. due to my lack of mobility for the last half of june and my frenetic job search throughout the first half of july, i've been lax in taking amazing pictures for this blog.

sun dog everyone says that sun dogs don't exist, but i beg to differ. there's a spot in the evening sky here where i've seen a sun dog on two different occasions. i'm sure that i will see many more in the eastern sky towards sunset. i had to take a picture of it because it's something i do. so far i only have pictures of sun dogs in hawai'i and barcelona, but one of these days i hope to have pictures from many other sites. the most memorable sun dog i ever saw (of which alas i have no picture) was in a brilliant blue sky in wyoming nearly twenty years ago. the only cloud in the sky was struck through with a fully-coloured rainbow, and it was amazing. some day i hope to see one as striking again; but until that day i will continue taking pictures of the sun dogs that i see.

image since my bedroom window looks out to the east, i get to see the sunrise (at least if i'm awake, i see it). i've actually only been fully coherent one morning at five thirty to see the beautiful sunrise. it's strange to me to be facing the east after living my entire life on the west coast near the pacific ocean. i'm used to seeing the sunset over water, not the sunrise over water! it's also quite interesting being so far south—there is no extended rising or setting of the sun like there is further north. the sun rises nearly all at once and sets the same way. the sunrises and sunsets are fleeting photo ops to say the least, and i'm happy with the one i was able to see. eventually, after i've been here for much longer, i will have more pictures… maybe even ones with water in them instead of the roofs of the buildings across the street!

image the weather here has been delightful, and i understand that we've been very lucky since we've not really witnessed the wrath that the hurricane season unleashes on the windward side of the island during the summer. nearly every day has been mostly sunny, and when it's rained, it's mostly done so at night. there was however, a partially clear night near the full moon, so mum and i took the opportunity to sit at the beach and watch the silver linings in the clouds shift. the lights at the bottom of the picture are across the bay from where we were sitting. it was a lovely evening to say the least.

image last but certainly not least comes the pièce de résistance. anyone who has ever known me knows that i am an amateur herpetologist. now, if you're not sure what a herpetologist is, put a rein on your imagination and follow the link to look it up. where i'm living now is perfect for me. for the longest time the only reptiles around me that weren't exotics that i owned were garter snakes, alligator lizards, rubber boas, fence lizards and skinks. here, we spend our evenings watching the window screens for geckos. so far i've seen two different types of geckos, two different types of anoles, and at least one type of skink. there are no snakes on hawai'i, and if you bring a snake to the islands, you could face up to a $200,000 fine. i'm not willing to face that, so i'm settling for watching the wonderful lizard life and listening to the plethora of frogs. i saw one toad shortly after we arrived on the island, but i've not seen any amphibians since. some of the frogs, the coquis, are very loud, and i've certainly heard them! one of these days, i'll try to catch some frogs so i can get some pictures of them. the coquis are a non-native species, and people are encouraged to catch them. i'm not sure if i can bring myself to kill them, but i'd love to catch them to look at them!

and i think that's enough of an update for now. as always, i'll try to do better in the future, but i can't make any guarantees.

Posted by: mock turtle on 17 Jul, 06 | 01:21

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