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Archives: November 2007

Sat Nov 10, 2007

a little trip to o`ahu

having never been to o`ahu i took advantage of the cheap inter-island fares and went wandering. i got to visit lots of friends who work in the corporate offices but who i'd never met face-to-face, and i got to see a little bit of different topography on an older island. here are some pics.

Pali lookout
pali lookout

Honeybee on flower
honey bee on a flower

Strange plant
really strange plant in wahiawa botanical garden

Fiddlehead and leaf skeleton
fiddlehead and leaf skeleton

three different plants with variegated leaves

Hapu`u fiddlehead
hapu`u fern fiddlehead

Kaneohe backdrop
the view behind the mall at kaneohe

Sunset over Mililani
sunset over mililani

Traffic on the H1
traffic on the h1--the kea`au-pahoa road doesn't look quite as daunting

Posted by: mock turtle on 10 Nov, 07 | 17:51

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- Abraham Lincoln, 1864

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