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Archives: August 2009

Sat Aug 01, 2009

three months gone...

i've been amazingly busy with various things, but i'm still having fun! over the last three months, i've been working with the hilo toastmasters' outreach club at the kulani correctional facility. it's been a great experience, but the economic doldrums in which our state and nation find themselves in have resulted in a sad turn of events. the group from hilo toastmasters will continue going up as long as the educational program is going on, and i'm trying to consider our options for a different outreach program.

i've also become active in the open arms metropolitan community church that meets in the ainaloa longhouse on sunday mornings. it's a great group of people, and i'm enjoying the fellowship.

my real time-drain is facebook. it's the first thing i do in the morning, often before i even get out of bed, which is a very sad statement on my geekiness and lack of real life.

other than that, i've recently found that despite my intermittent phantosmia (smelling smoke [or other smells] that's not there) i don't have a brain tumor or partial or temporal lobe seizures. i guess that's something, but it's still driving me mental. there are days when the smoke smell is so strong that i sneeze and/or get a headache. i'm awaiting additional differential from the neurologist... some time within the next couple months whenever the neuro doc comes to this island.

so there's my life in a nutshell. not too exciting, but it's a life!

Posted by: mock turtle on 01 Aug, 09 | 19:07

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