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Archives: March 2010

Mon Mar 29, 2010

shifting gears...

... so it's been a long time since i updated this page. i figured it was about time to give a wee blurb about what's going on in my world these days.

as you may know, i've left the big island and moved back to oregon where i find myself in a much better place both physically and mentally. it's wonderful to be out of the tropical weather--i've never been fond of heat and humidity! portland in the springtime is beautiful--flowers everywhere, intermittent rain and sun, everything budding. i'm ecstatic to be living in the portland area where there's so much more to do than there ever was on the big island... music, shows, clubs, meetings, events, public transportation, yarn stores, freeways, and the list could go on.

the lack of vog and the different humidity in oregon has been very beneficial to my health and physical well-being. the three and a half years i spent on the big island were a great learning experience, but my lack of good health and opportunities to improve my health there was instrumental in my decision to move back home. i'm almost feeling normal again... at least normal for me (which isn't saying much).

i moved into my new apartment today, part of the way at least. i'm still staying with my friends in portland until the end of the month, but my apartment in hillsboro is 2 minutes from work and affordable. i've got a dishwasher (i've never lived in a place with a dishwasher) and a washer and dryer in the unit. there's even a wood-burning fireplace and a patio that opens onto a forest preserve, so it's like i'm living in the country while still only a short jaunt from the city. it's a nice place, and i hope to have people visit once i get settled.

i'm happy to be working in a semi-technical job doing customer service. the team i work with is great, and all the people i've met so far at work are really cool. it's good to be out of the back-biting, cutthroat, corporate world that my previous job started to feel like toward the end.

drop me a line sometime, and if you're going to be in the portland area, let's get a coffee!

Posted by: mock turtle on 29 Mar, 10 | 01:36

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