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Sat 10 Nov 2007

a little trip to o`ahu

having never been to o`ahu i took advantage of the cheap inter-island fares and went wandering. i got to visit lots of friends who work in the corporate offices but who i'd never met face-to-face, and i got to see a little bit of different topography on an older island. here are some pics.

Pali lookout
pali lookout

Honeybee on flower
honey bee on a flower

Strange plant
really strange plant in wahiawa botanical garden

Fiddlehead and leaf skeleton
fiddlehead and leaf skeleton

three different plants with variegated leaves

Hapu`u fiddlehead
hapu`u fern fiddlehead

Kaneohe backdrop
the view behind the mall at kaneohe

Sunset over Mililani
sunset over mililani

Traffic on the H1
traffic on the h1--the kea`au-pahoa road doesn't look quite as daunting

posted by: mock turtle on 10 Nov, 07 | 17:51

Sun 16 Sep 2007

been a while

i really don't have much to say here. my life is hectic, super busy, and i'm trying to have a little fun from time to time. one of the things i'm doing for fun is going to a painting class where i get to do fun stuff with water soluble oil paints. so, for your viewing pleasure (or not), here are the ones i've done so far. i'm sure there will be more to come, and maybe they'll improve (but don't hold your breath, eh). these were fun to do, and even though they look pretty rough, i'd like to think i'm learning something as i go through the process. at least i've had the opportunity to play with new media!

Turtle Surfacing at the End of Civilization

turtle surfacing at the end of civilization

Rise and Fall

rise and fall

Broken Pot by Wall

broken pot by wall

posted by: mock turtle on 16 Sep, 07 | 20:10

Fri 13 Jul 2007

time again...

i don't really have much to say right now. a couple weekends ago my mum and i went to pu`uhonua o honaunau (place of refuge) for a cultural festival and saw some cool stuff. if you've got a fast connection and enough time to download nearly 150 megs, check out the video i took of a traditional hukilau. it's really amazing, if i do say so myself, but it's huge.

i try to go snorkeling periodically--ideally i'd be going a few times a week, but for now i've only been going every other weekend or so. i've been thinking about getting a waterproof housing for my digital camera so i can take pictures while i chase fish around the reef. maybe that would encourage me to spend more time in the water.

i finally finished the pair of socks i'd been working on since shortly after i returned from barcelona. they were one of those projects that just get sidelined every time something else comes up... and what did i do as soon as i finished them? of course, i told a friend that i'd make her a pair of socks so i started a new pair. hopefully they'll go quicker!

that's about it for updates. i'm going up to the volcano this weekend to wander around a little and take mum to another cultural festival. it should be fun. other than that, harry potter is playing at the theater, so i may just have to check it out. i'll do my best to keep this updated, and maybe i'll get some pictures posted eventually.

posted by: mock turtle on 13 Jul, 07 | 20:43

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