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Sun 13 Apr 2003

behind already

oregon coast breakers right, so the day after i get this thing configured as a blog, i leave for three days. i had a great time at the coast for two and a half days in spite of the intermittent rain. sometimes that's the best thing about the oregon coast: watching the storms come in over the horizon. luckily, it was generally nice during the daylight, and the storms hit in the evening while i was there. the main drawback to clouds and rain on the coast is the lack of decent photo opportunities, especially landscape shots.

skunk cabbage north of florence, there's a botanical garden in a marshy area. it's actually pretty cool, and there are literally damp fields of darlingtonia (pitcher plants). of course, i don't actually have any great shots of the pitcher plants, so you'll have to be satisfied with this shot of a flowering skunk cabbage plant.

i certainly need to find more time to spend at the coast. maybe this summer i'll be able to get some decent shots with decent colour--the blue-green hue of the waves just before they break is amazing in the right light. eventually i'll get it spot on, and i'll put a better pic up here, but until that day, i'll just stick with the thumbnail size.

on a different note, i'm thinking about work tonight and realizing that i've got nothing to do for quite a few hours. i just need to figure out if i can get a few hours of sleep so i don't pass out in front of the scope in the wee hours of the morning. so here goes... ciao.

posted by: mock turtle on 13 Apr, 03 | 23:19

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