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Wed 16 Apr 2003

death and taxes

the only sure things, eh? today is the dreaded day when taxes are due. i heard on the news today that approximately 80% of governmental paperwork is related to taxes. isn't this a bit much? it's about time that the government and the irs shortened the tax code... heck, while we're at it, why don't they honour the original agreement of income taxes? they were instated to assist with funding the war; not the gulf war, not the vietnam war, not even the korean war. income taxes were supposed to go away once the war was over, but they didn't, did they? didn't we leave england in the first place to get away from micromanaging on the part of the kingdom? i could go on for ages on this topic, but suffice it to say that taxes are the bane of the middle and lower classes in this country, and our government (a.k.a. corporate america) doesn't seem to care. one of these days, i'll organize my thoughts and put up a tax rant, but for now, it's just a random entry here.

posted by: mock turtle on 16 Apr, 03 | 00:28

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