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Mon 21 Apr 2003

for a limited time only

sometimes i wonder what this world is coming to... well, not sometimes. it's more of a constant thing. but commercials drive me mental. no wonder prescription drugs are so expensive what with the pharmaceutical companies spending all their money on adversiting. ask your doctor if you need this drug. do you want to enhance your sex life? are you going through menopause? we have drugs for everything, but we can't cure cancer. we have drugs to make you virile, but we can't stop the spread of aids.

then, we get into the realm of side effects. may cause dry mouth, vomiting, back pain. don't take this if you have high blood pressure or have a history of respiratory illness. you might be able to run and jump like all the young models in the advertisements, or you might die. here, put these drugs into your body so we can make you feel better about yourself. here, put these drugs into your body, and prepare to spend the next week or so suffering through the myriad side effects that may beset you.

it's time to take a stand against it all. if you're not sick, don't ask your doctor. if it's a natural thing, like menopause or balding, let it happen. really, has our society become so vain that something as timeless as losing hair is worth the research of pharmaceutical companies? what a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

posted by: mock turtle on 21 Apr, 03 | 00:30

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