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Wed 23 Apr 2003


right, after a slow week at work, i've actually succeeded in converting the whole site (except for the postcards and pandora's box) to php format. at an average of 160 pages edited per day, it only took me three days. it should be much easier to update now, thankfully. if you feel like perusing almost 500 pictures, please let me know if there are any errors in the photo album pages. always be sure to remove the NOSPAM portion of the email address so it doesn't bounce back to you.

i've also spent a few days working on a charitable project for a friend of the family who has brain cancer. here is the flyer in pdf format. you'll need adobe acrobat reader to open it. the next part of the project is a flyer showing the baskets that aren't pictured in this one, posters, and possibly a web page. and i hope to have it all finished by saturday--wish me luck, eh? it's all for a good cause, though, so if i'm a little short on sleep for the week, it's worth it!

posted by: mock turtle on 23 Apr, 03 | 06:11

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