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Tue 29 Apr 2003

time flies...

...when you're having fun, right? well, i have no idea where this night went, and i spent the whole thing sitting in front of my computer working on different variations of a poster. i think i've finally got one together that works and should be easy enough to print out on a standard printer (though on legal-size paper rather than letter-size paper).

it's the poster that corresponds with the flyer/brochure i did last week as a donation. hopefully it will garner some donations from the public (yeah, that's you) for a wonderful lady who's been dealt a losing hand by life. brain cancer is something that nobody should ever have to suffer through, but thankfully she's got a wonderful group of friends who pulled together and organized this raffle. i'm just the geek who's doing the desktop publishing. i've known her almost all my life--she's a friend of the parents.

here is the file. once again, you'll need adobe acrobat reader to open it. feel free to enter in the raffle. there are some amazing baskets, and the small size of the images doesn't really do them justice.

posted by: mock turtle on 29 Apr, 03 | 13:08

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