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Thu 01 May 2003

may day

hopefully that's something we won't have to say on saturday. dad and i conspired to take mum deep-sea fishing this weekend, so we've got to leave their house at about 0430 to make the boat on time. it's a six-hour trip, and i'm looking forward to it immensely. the weather's supposed to be beautiful, so maybe i'll take my camera and see what kind of pictures i could put up here.

so, order of business for tomorrow is to get dramamine (just in case, having never been on the pacific), pack extra clothes in a waterproof pack, gather up snackable foods for the trip, and clean out the truck. the guy i spoke to when i made the reservations said that the pacific is a lot calmer than the caribbean which is the only place i've been on the water in a small boat. i remember it being terribly choppy. i probably would have been fine if i hadn't gone below--this time i'll remember to keep my eyes on that horizon line. the boat we'll be on is the "irish", a nice nod to our heritage.

so, that's about all i've got planned for the weekend. as i said, i'll try to get a couple pics up here when i get back. and hopefully i'll have a freezer full of fish next week!

posted by: mock turtle on 01 May, 03 | 23:37

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