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Tue 05 Aug 2003

back on the chain gang

well, it's been about two months of unemployment woes, and i'm finally back at work. it's nice to be working again, to be able to look forward to a cheque at the end of the week, but i was having so much fun doing nothing! life has been quite interesting lately, to say the least. i've run into more friends from high school (over 15 years ago, by the way) in the past couple months than i have in the past 15 years.

the parents rented kayaks for my birthday last week (yeah, i'm older yet), and my friend and i spent the day on the lake. he'd never been kayaking before, and now he's talking about buying one. he must've liked it! i'm hoping to be able to save enough money to buy the one i want: the cobra explorer. it's a great boat, and the dog could even come along.

during the past couple months of unemployment, i've taken a couple little road trips. road trips, of course, mean tons of photos, so i've been working on and off on getting them all catalogued and formatted for my photo album. i've "only" got about 400 or so to catalogue, so it'll take me a while. we also took a roll of pictures with a waterproof camera whilst we were kayaking, so those'll probably make it into the photo album eventually. it's just a matter of making the plan to sit in front of the computer for several hours and dredge up the memories of the trips to comment on the photos. frankly, i've been having too much fun to dedicate the time to it.

as if you didn't realize that by the fact that i hadn't written anything here for the past few months. right, so suffice it to say that i'm happy, i'm healthy, i'm not so wealthy, and i don't know exactly how wise i am, but life is good for the moment. here's to hoping that the moment lasts!

posted by: mock turtle on 05 Aug, 03 | 10:23

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