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Mon 18 Aug 2003

lately he's been drinking alone

so, it's been an interesting week to say the least. i missed a few hours at work, so i ended up working on saturday to make up a little. maybe i'll even get paid this week because there was a snafu with my time card, so i didn't get a paycheque last week. it makes for slim pickings in the refrigerator.

i've been wondering lately about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) and how it affects addictive personalities. i wish i had all the answers so i could help my friend who managed to land himself in jail again due to alcohol. maybe this will be a wake-up call for him, and he'll realise that all the people around him are worried. i'm crossing my fingers that he'll be able to beat this.

in the meantime, the cows got out and trampled through the garden decimating the corn, eating half the cabbage, and tromping a good portion of the beans. thankfully the dog was a good help in getting them back in the field and locked down again. the creek is frighteningly low, and there's not a lot of prospect for rain right now. hopefully there'll be some good rain in the near future so i'll get a chance to kayak down the river this fall. if not, i might have to invest in a wetsuit and just do it in the dead of winter.

right, well, that's about all i have to say for an "update" this week so far. we'll see if there's more to tell toward the end of the week. for the time being, i'm just trying to keep my feet under me and my brain from misfiring too often.

posted by: mock turtle on 18 Aug, 03 | 13:39

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