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Mon 25 Aug 2003

ready for anything

i finally did it. i really did it. i broke down yesterday and bought the kayak i've been wanting for a while now. it's waiting at home for me to put it in the water... maybe this afternoon when i get off work. it's great to know that i've got a solid-sided kayak at home so i won't have to rent one any more. it should also be interesting to see how the dog handles it since he's used to the stability of the inflatable.

we did end up going kayaking yesterday for a short while, and the dog got to go swimming. we drove to the only place where there's water: the coast. it's pretty sad when all the rivers around here are so low i've got to walk through the riffles because there's not enough water to float through them. hopefully, to reiterate my previous posts, we'll have some rain soon.

i guess the local river sports shop has whitewater trips every thursday evening. i'm thinking about doing that this week, but i've not decided yet. i've got a couple days to make a decision. i might just end up playing in the creek with the kayak and the dog, seeing if i can get him used to riding in a boat that's a bit more squirrelly than the inflatable. wish me luck, eh?

posted by: mock turtle on 25 Aug, 03 | 08:41

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