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Mon 08 Sep 2003

another one gone

so mum and i went to the last kayak demo day of the year, and mum got to try several different boats. we had a lot of fun, and luckily the weather was beautiful. only about twenty miles away from the lake we were on, it was cloudy and cold, but on the lake it was clear, sunny, and warm. it couldn't have been a better day to go kayaking.

mum picked out the boat she wants, and surprise surprise it's a cobra. she picked out the cobra fish 'n dive boat; it's a little wider and longer than the explorer that i have, and hence a little more stable. it also has more storage space so she can kayak with the dog.

the dog, by the way, also has his own life jacket now so we won't worry so much if he falls off the boat in the middle of a lake somewhere. he's got a beautiful red canine float coat from ruff wear in bend, oregon, and he loves to wear it.

on sunday, dog and i went to do laundry and a little shopping. he got to pick out a bunch of different cookies for his cookie jar. he's not spoiled at all, right?

posted by: mock turtle on 08 Sep, 03 | 09:04

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