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Mon 22 Sep 2003

it's been a while

right, i know it's been a while since i've written here, but i've been so busy on the weekends, i've barely turned on my computer. so here i am on my lunch break at work trying to write a blurb about the last couple weekends. suffice it to say that i've kidnapped mom the last two weekends and gone kayaking both days as well as a few days after work during the week.

this last weekend was great. on saturday we went with a group down the north santiam river in oregon and blazed through some class 2 rapids. it was mom's first time on anything besides still water, and it was my first time with my cobra explorer through anything more than class 1+. i spent more time in the water than i'd planned, but the water was clear and the river was absolutely beautiful. it was well worth the trip. mom had a great time, but she's still mostly a still-water kayaker.

on sunday, we went to the coast with the intentions of bringing home some dungeness crabs. that was pretty much a bust, since all we caught were small crabs and a couple large females, all of which had to be thrown back. it was fun, though, and we plan on doing it again as soon as we can. it wasn't that bad hauling up the small crab trap we have from the kayak, but the water was a bit choppy, the wind picked up, and the motor boats were kicking up annoying wakes. after a wonderful lunch at a picnic table in the sand, i went to do laundry and mom went with the dog to the beach. after laundry, i met mom and dog at the beach and we brought the cobra down to the water to paddle around in the afternoon. it was pretty windy at the time we put the boat in, so we decided not to inflate the sevylor. we took turns in the light waves and moderate wind, and then the wind died down. as a surfer (or my mom, who grew up in souther california) would say, it "glassed off" and became incredibly calm. i let mom paddle around in my boat for a few hours until the sun went down. it was a perfect evening.

upon arriving home, we unloaded the truck and rinsed off the kayaks before finally thinking about getting some sleep. amazingly enough, i made it to work on time today after not getting near enough sleep, and i'm ready to go out again this afternoon. i'll have to see if i can convince mom that she wants to go, too.

everyone should be on the water!

posted by: mock turtle on 22 Sep, 03 | 14:37

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