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Tue 30 Sep 2003

it's a conspiracy

and that it was, between me and dad, to buy mom the kayak she wanted and keep it a secret from her. and it was a very successful conspiracy!

we rented one kayak for dad and told mom that we'd rented hers, too. so we paddled around the lake all day, had a great time, and packed up the boats at the end of the day to, allegedly, take the two rentals back to the shop. everyone at the shop was in on the conspiracy as well, so we unloaded the two "rentals" once there and talked for a while with the shop tenders. finally, i asked mom, "so, should i load this one up or do you want to?" she was confused, and dad and i grinned broadly.

when she finally realized it was actually her boat to take home, she nearly cried. she's very happy with her boat. on sunday, we went out again, her boat's maiden voyage after finding that it was really HER boat. all in all, we paddled about 20 miles over the weekend, and it was certainly worth it. now we're just waiting for the semi-decent weather to come back so we can go out again.

posted by: mock turtle on 30 Sep, 03 | 08:51

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