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Tue 06 Jul 2004

sailing away...

sail boat with lens flarenothing quite like being on the water on a beautiful day in early summer. saturday was incomparable. the only thing lacking was more wind in the early afternoon, but as the sun began its descent, the wind picked up a bit. mum spent the early afternoon kayaking, then we all went out on a friend's boat in the evening.

i don't know how people survive without being able to get out on the water frequently. there's nothing quite like the freedom and serenity of either paddling around a gorgeous lake or hoisting the sails and letting the wind carry you where it will. i have to say that my goal of owning my own sail boat has only increased in the past couple years... now all i need is to find the money. donations?

right, the rest of the holiday weekend was spent sleeping, reading, and cooking. not a real exciting weekend, but the full day of sailing on saturday certainly made it worth it. next weekend i hope to be doing it again at a regatta on the coast. life is good even though work is terribly dull.

posted by: mock turtle on 06 Jul, 04 | 15:04

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