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Tue 09 Nov 2004

it's been a while...

... but i'm still kicking, so to speak. unemployment kept me busy for a while over the summer, then work, then more unemployment, and now work again is keeping me overly busy. i'm finally using my education, after over ten years out of college. take this to heart, youth of the world, if you've got a job offer at the end of college and it's in your field, take it!

if i had it to do all over again, i would have stayed in my field no matter how burned out i felt after too many years of college. for the time being, i'm keeping busy with lesson plans and the like and having a blast working with kids. admittedly, it's something i never thought i'd be doing and enjoying, but wonders never cease.

this is national novel writing month and though my latest novel is still mulling around my brain, and my word count is a whopping ZERO, i hope to at least get part of it on paper. everybody has a novel within them--it's just a matter of writing it down. of course, not everybody has a novel within them that millions of people would want to read, but hey, it's the nature of the game, isn't it?

oh, and just a note for those of you still using a default resolution on your monitor, apologies for the picture in the last entry. i know it covers up some of the words, but the picture is the most important part. to better view the entire entry ONLY if your monitor can handle it, change your resolution to 1024x768 or larger. if you're not sure about your monitor being able to handle it, i wouldn't suggest trying without checking with the manufacturer or your local tech support crew.

and on that note, wish me luck if you so desire, and i'm off to plan some more lessons. cheers!

posted by: mock turtle on 09 Nov, 04 | 20:28

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