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Tue 23 Aug 2005

on again off again

well, i don't know what to say here today. i'm once again unemployed, and i'm hoping that that will be remedied shortly. the prices of gas, however, are rather daunting because when i live so far away from the nearest towns it's terribly expensive! i think the government should subsidise those of us who can't get permanent jobs due to the economical situation in this country... now wouldn't they hate that. oh well, there's not too terribly much going on in my life, but i'm gearing up for a good size trip in about two and a half weeks. i'll have pictures to post in a photo album after i get back, but give me some time. hopefully it'll open up some job prospects or some other opportunity. wish me luck, eh?

posted by: mock turtle on 23 Aug, 05 | 00:05

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- Abraham Lincoln, 1864

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