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Sat 17 Sep 2005

and meanwhile...

somewhere in europe...

the nefarious scheme unfolds, right? well, it can't really be called a nefarious scheme, but it's sure been fun so far! i arrived just over a week ago, and i've been wandering around madrid for the whole time. i've got so many blisters on my feet i was wondering if i'd ever walk properly again, but they're getting better and i've not given up yet.

so far most of the stuff i've taken pictures of has been monuments and buildings, but there have been a few interesting things like an open-air dog wash at a gas station and some interesting signs. madrid is a wonderful city--the way it has successfully melded the old and the new is intriguing, and all the people i've met have been exceedingly friendly. i'd love to stay much longer, but it feels like i'm running out of time for some reason.

next week i'll be wandering around the cercanías or the suburban areas of the city since my feet have healed enough to do some hard-core walking again. i'm keeping my room at the hostel as a home-base for the time being. it'll be great to see toledo and el escorial again after so many years. i'll also get to see the town where miguel de cervantes (the author who wrote don quijote, if you're wondering) was born. this whole year spain is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publishing of don quijote, and there are a lot of quijote festivals and tours going on.

the following week i hope to head to barcelona to visit friends and see cataluña again. i may stay there for a couple weeks, then i'll be back to madrid to use the same hostel as a home-base for travels to the north and south. i've never seen galicia (santiago de compostela, a coruña, etc.) and we never made it to seville when i was here last time.

whereever i end up, i'll be sure to take lots of pictures and document it all well. in the meantime, i'm just trying to have fun and not spend all the money i have.

wish me luck!

posted by: mock turtle on 17 Sep, 05 | 06:53

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