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Wed 21 Sep 2005


not touring!

so here i am again, updating everyone in case you're curious. i've been to several cercanías recently, and i've seen quite a bit of the countryside around madrid. i haven't yet used my eurail pass, so i've only been going to those places that are included on the tourist pass from the madrid metro. i'd highly recommend it if you get the chance because it allows you to use the bus and metro system extensively and not pay 1 euro every time you hop on. madrid has an excellent system, and if you choose the "zone t" tourist pass, you'll be able to visit most of the outlying towns like toledo and alcalá de henares.

i've walked a lot this week so far, and i plan on walking more before the week is through. i still need to go to toledo, guadalajara, and aranjuez before my seven-day pass expires on saturday.

there's a knitting group meeting tomorrow night, and there's another madrid teacher meeting on saturday. i'm still contemplating leaving for barcelona on sunday night, but i may leave on monday instead. i just haven't decided yet. if i leave on monday, that will give me another day in madrid to check out free events... and i still feel like i'm running out of time!

i'll try to post another entry before i leave for barcelona, but i can't make any guarantees. this locutorio (basically a place where you can make phone calls, check email, surf the web, and send money) is not open too late during the week.

maybe tomorrow i'll get my pictures put on disk so i can post one here. i have over 250 pictures so far, and i've only been here two weeks! if i keep this up, i'll have over 1000 pictures to go through when i get home. wish me luck on that, eh? in the meantime, i'm going to continue having too much fun for words on a screen.

posted by: mock turtle on 21 Sep, 05 | 13:58

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