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Sat 24 Sep 2005

standard inanities

well, i have blisters inside my blisters now from so much walking on cobbles. i went to toledo which is an amazingly incomparable town, but all the streets are really narrow and cobbled not to mention terribly steep. it's not good to walk on cobblestones with blisters, i can say that from experience!

i ended up trying to go shopping today and got thoroughly lost in el corte inglÚs which is this terribly huge department store. there are three buildings and about six floors. that's enough in itself to give me blisters, just imagining a department store that big! to say the least, the shopping trip was a bit of a bust, but i figured out that the bus driver didn't know as much about his route as he thought--he didn't think his route passed by the store, but it did. that made for more walking on blistered feet than was necessary, but it was okay. there was a bike race that closed down part of the city, so i got to walk along that route trying to reach the store according to the directions from the bus driver. those cyclists sure can move fast! next time, though, i'll just go from memory!

tomorrow is a day of rest not just for the country of spain but for me as well. i need to rest my poor blistered feet. i think i'll go to barcelona on monday night. stay tuned for more news as it happens here!!

posted by: mock turtle on 24 Sep, 05 | 15:51

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