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Mon 03 Oct 2005

catch me...

... i've fallen of the edge of the map in a little town called valldoreix. i had a great time in valldoreix which, if you look at a map of barcelona, probably won't show up. if you can see sant cugat del vallès, valldoreix is right next to it.

yesterday we all took the train down to barcelona to check out the picasso museum which is free on the first sunday of each month. it was amazing!! the collection there is absolutely huge ranging through pablo picasso's entire life.

after the picasso museum we were hungry, so at the request of our youngest companion, we went to udon noodle bar & restaurant which is actually very near to the museum. it was a nicely designed restaurant, and the food was really good!

from there we walked down the street toward the port. the church, santa maría del mar was closed until 16.30 so we kept walking. near the church there is a monument dedicated to those who died in the seige of cataluña in the early 1700s. we ended up at the port area of barceloneta and walked along the passeig de colóm to the bottom end of la rambla where we caught the metro back to valldoreix.

how can i forget? we also saw the famous cathedral of barcelona, but the exterior is under construction and surrounded by scaffolding. i took a picture of the top spires anyhow. near the cathedral is part of an old roman wall. it was impressive to say the least.

i should be here in barcelona until the end of the week at least, so i hope to have hundreds of pictures of artwork by gaudí and miró by the time i'm finished.

i'll try to keep this updated here in case you're keeping track of me. oh, and if you want to surf the barcelona site, you have to click on the last link in this post. the links won't work from the specific church sites.

posted by: mock turtle on 03 Oct, 05 | 11:44

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