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Wed 19 Oct 2005


having the flu sucks no matter where in the world you happen to be. i speak from personal experience, believe me. i spent the day yesterday being hot and cold, sleeping, drinking hot tea, eating chicken soup, and drinking this terrible tasting effervescent vitamin stuff called airborne that seems to be working. it tastes like vitamins *bleah* but it has a hint of orange flavor and it's okay if you eat something right after it to kill the vitamin taste.

other than that, i've been having loads of fun in barcelona. i went to park güell on sunday (which i wouldn't recommend because of the sheer amount of people there), but it was really cool. i'm going to go back sometime this week during the week to avoid the tourist crush. antoni gaudí was truly an amazing visionary architect. there are barely any straight lines in his designs, and they're fascinating. every detail of the buildings and columns and walkways and scupltures is precise and beautiful. i'll also have to visit some of his other works like casa batlló and templo de la sagrada familia.

however, antoni gaudí isn't the only fascinating person to influence barcelona. there were several modernist architects who designed various buildings throughout the centre of barcelona. i'll have to visit more than just the gaudí buildings! there's a building here that (as i understand it) was designed by the same japanese architect who designed the torres kio in plaza de castilla in madrid. the building here looks like a huge pill, and it's multicoloured blue and red. it's pretty cool, and you can see it from several vantage points in the city--even from the suburb where i'm staying. it's called the torre agbar, and it's actually quite interesting. one of the bus routes i take goes right by it, but the last few days have been inclement so i've not yet taken an up-close photo.

i'm running out of time here in the locutorio, so i've got to finish up this post. at this moment, i can't think of anything else to say anyhow. i'm still having fun, and i feel much better than yesterday. i needed a day off, and my blisters thank me for taking it! i finished the pair of socks i was working on, and i made a "cozy" for my mobile phone. now i've got another skein of yarn to make a pair of socks, and i've got a funky pattern picked out. maybe i'll post a picture of them when they're nearing completion. and that's a big maybe, eh? in the meantime, i'm going to continue exploring barcelona and looking for someone who will give me a job. wish me luck!

posted by: mock turtle on 19 Oct, 05 | 04:26

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