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Sat 22 Oct 2005


i'm still in barcelona and still loving it immensely, but after having the flu or something similar for a day, i've now COMPLETELY lost my voice. now, those of you who know me will know that being quiet is something that, when among people, is rather difficult for me to do, but i'm learning! this morning i've been wandering around buying lemons and honey, and i figured i should have a "coffee cup" (a ceramic cup with a handle, that is, but it doesn't mean the same thing here), so i bought one.

oh, and yes, mom, there are what you may call 'dollar stores' here called "bazar chino". these are stores that are open on sundays (which most places aren't), and they sell a little bit of evertyhing from school supplies to fake flowers and everything in between for rather inexpensive prices. they have names like "bazar chino" or "100 y más," the latter of which refers to 100 pesetas which is worth about a dollar.

i found a quicker way to get to the beach from where i'm staying that only takes two bus lines, so i've been spending more time down in the barceloneta area. i need to explore some of the nautical stores and maybe find a book of knots in spanish. sailors' knots are the best knots--highly functional and they look pretty cool once you learn how to tie them. it would be good to know all the names of knots and such in spanish. that way, when i get my boat, i'll be prepared to talk to my crew, right? well, one can dream, no?

in the meantime, i'm going to be wandering barcelona in forced silence. there's another knitting group gathering on monday that i hope to attend even if i'm still unable to speak.

if you're a potential employer, check out my resume in microsoft word format and give me a call!

posted by: mock turtle on 22 Oct, 05 | 03:41

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