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Thu 27 Oct 2005


well, i don't really have much of an update, but i figure i should at least try to keep this thing updated semi-regularly. this coming weekend is a four-day weekend here in badalona (right next to barcelona), so i'm trying to figure out what i'll do since the buses are going to be running on holiday schedules. maybe i'll go back to the beach. or maybe i'll try a different beach like the beach here in sant adriÓ de bes˛s which i understand is pretty close to where i've been staying.

i'm nearly out of time, and money is getting thin, so i'm starting to think of my return trip in a couple weeks. i don't want to use my return ticket, but since i've not yet found a job that would allow me to extend my stay, my hands are somewhat tied. one last ditch effort--i'm going to make a sign announcing my abilities as a translator to see if i get any calls. if not, i'll probably head back to madrid sometime between the 11th and the 14th to catch my plane home.

but the ironic thing is that i'll be in the same boat once i get home! i'll still have no job, too many qualifications, not enough money... you name it. so here we are again: if you're a potential employer anywhere, check out my current curriculum vitae (resume) in english or spanish and let me know if you can give me a job. at this point, i'm almost willing to take anything, but once i get back to the states, i'll be a bit more picky.

so, here i am trying to figure out how to get all the stuff that i've got here home and how to afford to buy the music i need (see that? yes, i NEED music) to take home. i wish our top 40 radio stations in the u.s. were more interesting. i've actually been listening to los 40 principales here which is actually a top 40 station but there are artists from all over the world on the list. american top 40 lists are so terribly dull and very limited.

i've been getting my u.s. news from slate magazine and the political cartoons there. it sounds like things have pretty much fallen apart, but i think that's the international state of things. most of the ports here in spain have been blockaded by fisherman who were protesting the price of gasoline, but it seems that they've reached some agreement. it was quite interesting today to see about 15 ships on the horizon waiting to get into the port of barcelona, and all the passenger ships have been stuck in port. i'm sure those people on their cruises weren't expecting more time in barcelona!

speaking of time in barcelona, i should add to my resume that i'm now quite familiar with the city and the public transportation system. i could be quite an effective tour guide in english or spanish (or even french if you REALLY needed it). i think i'll add that to the sign i'm going to make. wish me luck, eh? and on that note, this is the end of the this post. have a nice day!

posted by: mock turtle on 27 Oct, 05 | 14:58

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