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Sun 06 Nov 2005

and the whirlwind tour continues...

my time in barcelona is wrapping up, so i'm trying to get to all the places i've missed so far, but there's far too much! i've actually been exploring the area to the east and north of barcelona along the coast, and i've found some really neat places!

you'd have to look at a pretty specific map to see the towns i've visited, but there's a town next to barcelona on the coast called badalona where i've been wandering for the last few days. i visited a pre-roman iberian ruin called turó d'en boscą that's just a small hike up a dirt path from the road to the hospital can ruti. there's a bus stop a small distance from the entrance to the path, and the path runs winding up a fairly steep hill, but the view from the top is certainly worth the hike.

there's also a really amazing museum in badalona. the entry is free (always a good price) and the basement area is all an excavated roman house. there are mosaic tile floors, the famous "fall of rome" lead pipes, stone millstones and drop spindles, bone needles, and clay pots for carrying water and storage. it's definitely worth the stop!

on the beach in badalona right next to the train station i found the perfect photo. there were small multicoloured fishing boats pulled up on the beach with the curve of the coastline in the background, blue blue mediterranean water, and fishermen arranging their nets. it was like looking at a famous painting, but it was real. i walked on the beach and picked up some small rocks, shells, and bits of sand-worn glass. the beach is really steep, and you can see about two metres from the shore where the ground drops off under the water. there's not much surf along this section of the coast, but further down the coast in barcelona there is a beach that lends itself better to surfers. the sand is really coarse, almost like pebbles, and if your feet aren't ready for it it's a bit of a surprise.

i have only a few more days here in barcelona before i take the train back to madrid and catch a plane home, and i'm not looking forward to the long flight. yesterday evening i went through a large stack of stuff i've gathered for a scrapbook and found that it's not as much as i thought it would be. my plan is to put everything i brought with me in a suitcase and check it but to carry on all the stuff i gathered while here in order to avoid possible lost luggage and memories. i've never lost a bag with an airline, but i don't want this time to be the first. in the meantime, there's one more knitting group meeting this week, and i'm now working on a different sock. maybe i'll post a picture of my socks here when i finish them, but for the time being, you'll just have to take my word for it.

there are a few things i miss here: fiber nooks & crannys where i buy all my yarn, opal sock yarn, one litre bottles of soda, my dog, my mom, and my dad (but the only picture i have uploaded of him is from 1969, so it's a bit outdated!). of course, i don't miss those things in that order, but you get the idea.

i love spain. the history of spain is the history of the western world from the gauls to the romans to the moors to the conquest of the american continent. the people are wonderful (for the most part, of course), and there's a little bit of everything from the high desert of castilla to the mediterranean coast in the south to the cantabrian coast in the north and the pyrenees mountains that make the iberian peninsula such a unique cultural region of europe.

and on that note, i think it's time to sign out for the day. i hope to post a couple more times before i leave, and maybe i'll even have a photo to show.

posted by: mock turtle on 06 Nov, 05 | 04:24

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