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Fri 11 Nov 2005

wrapping it up

i only have a few days left, and i'm having a hard time saying goodbye to everyone i've met here. catalunya is a great place, and i have plans to come back as soon as i get a chance. yesterday was my last day with my unlimited bus pass, so today i've been walking around the neighbourhood of sant adria de besos where i've been staying for more than a month. i took some pictures of buildings in the area; these pictures will eventually be available in the photo album section of this site.

in the meantime, i've visited another iberian (read: pre-roman) settlement that was amazing. the plain on the inland side of tibidabo was a very important zone in pre- and post-roman history of the iberian peninsula. the town of cerdanyola del valles is one of the places surrounded by pre-roman settlements. on the mountaintop near cerdanyola called turo de ca n'oliver, there's an amazing archeological site, and there are pictures on the page linked--it's all in catalan, but the pictures are self explanatory. i'll also have pictures here eventually. there is a whole series of sites that have been excavated and preserved that are available to be visited by the public, and if i had rented a car, i would have visited many more of these sites.

as it is, i'm trying to see what i can without spending much more money. the exchange rate from dollars to euros isn't that great. when i get back to the states next week (next week???) i'll be looking for a job that will pay me enough to be able to afford another trip to catalunya in the not-too-distant future. there is so much more here that i've not had a chance to see, and there's another language to learn! in the month and a week i've been here, i've learned a little catalan, but i still need to learn more and what better way to learn that to stay here? in the meantime, i'm going home with my figurative tail between my legs to look for work and continue my studies on my own.

posted by: mock turtle on 11 Nov, 05 | 07:46

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