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Mon 14 Nov 2005

on my way home...

this is the last post i'll make from spain. i had actually worked for about half an hour on writing up a detailed post but the computer froze up and i lost everything. i only have a few minutes left in the locutorio, so this is going to be a short post.

i had a good trip from barcelona to madrid on the train even though it's rather uncomfortable to sleep sitting up. i did get a little bit of sleep, for which i'm grateful.

when i got here my room was ready, so i slept a few more hours in an actual bed at the hostel before coming out to brave the rain. it's not raining too hard, but it's intermittent and almost cold. it's starting to feel like autumn!

i'm going to miss this country. thankfully i have over 1200 pictures to remember it by, and i plan on spending my free time (read: the time i'm not looking for work) to catalogue them all and put them on this site.

since i'm going to be looking for work, if you happen to be an employer who needs someone with lots of experience in various fields, check out my resume and contact me via email. since i'm in transit now, i'm going to be without a functioning telephone for a few days at least.

my plane leaves here on wednesday morning (local time) and i arrive on wednesday night (local time with 9 hours difference), so think happy travel thoughts for me. my next post will be from the usa.

posted by: mock turtle on 14 Nov, 05 | 06:58

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