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Sun 20 Nov 2005

home again

the flight was long, to say the least. the airport at madrid, barajas was fogged in all morning, so the plane that was supposed to take us to atlanta, hatfield-jackson was diverted to barcelona, el prat de llobregat. we (meaning all the people who were supposed to be on the plane to atlanta with me) all had to sit in the airport in madrid for five more hours. and because it was an international flight, i got there early to check in and make sure everything was in order, which it was. i had no troubles checking my huge suitcase or bringing my carry-on bag though it was a little overweight. all in all, the people at delta airlines were all very nice and helpful in making sure everyone was able to make it to their final destination. the delta guys at hatfield-jackson in atlanta helped immensely by giving me a ride on an electric car to the gate. i had just enough time to get my boarding pass and call my parents to let them know when i'd be arriving before they started boarding the plane. if i would have walked with my heavy backpack after having been awake for nearly twenty-four hours, i wouldn't have made it on time. by the time i landed at the portland, international airport, i'd been either in an airport or on a plane for twenty-five hours. i woke up at 6.00 spain time, and i got home at 13.00 the next day (spain time). it worked out to be a very long day, but i've been recovering well.

so, that was my trip home, and even though i miss the life in madrid and barcelona, i'm glad to be home. i'm having some difficulties getting used to the us keyboard layout again... the letters are all in the same place, but the apostrophe, slash, dash, and other miscellaneous characters are all in different places. my dog was really happy to see me. i imagine he thought that i wasn't coming back for the past two and a half months. of course, my parents were happy to see me, too. and my cat was happy to see me because she'd been ousted by one of the neighbour cats, and she was getting a wee bit thin.

i haven't yet had a chance to go through all the photos i took during my trip to spain, but hopefully in the next week or two i'll at least be able to post some photos. in the meantime, i'm working on a pair of toe-up socks though using a bit of a different pattern than the one linked. i've got to undo what i've got done so far on the heel to try something different because i don't like how it looks. on tuesday, there's a knitting meeting locally that i plan on bringing my socks to in order to get some ideas from the people here.

i'll be looking for work as well, so if you happen to know of anyone who needs an excellent employee, feel free to send them my resume in either english or spanish. i don't currently have a moblie phone, but i may go back to my same old mobile number due to lack of service out here. if anyone is interested, verizon wireless sucks. basically, all wireless providers suck now because they don't provide service. anyone who lives in an area that is only covered by digital or analog signal is now officially s.o.l. the new phones don't even have the ability to understand the digital and analog signals which means that here, in the middle of nowhere, where we only have digital and analog signal we don't have access to the new networks.

the question of the day is for the mobile phone companies: why, if there is such a large portion of the country that is not yet covered by the gsm network, do you no longer offer new service that isn't gsm only? also, what about people who like to travel? do you like having the fact that your bleeding phones no longer work in the majority of the areas outside major cities or major highway corridors on your heads? so, if i have an emergency in an area where my mobile phone doesn't work, do i get to sue my mobile phone company? the phone i had in europe doesn't work here either... here meaning the entire usa. for some reason, now that everyone wants to jump on the gsm bandwagon, they're not using the same frequency as the rest of the world. why, oh why, does the usa insist on doing everything differently than the rest of the world? isn't the meaning of gsm global system for mobile communications?

ok, i need to write a rant about mobile phone companies, i think. in the meantime, i'm going to be working on organizing my photos from spain and making an enormous scrapbook. i'll post pictures as i deem necessary.

posted by: mock turtle on 20 Nov, 05 | 14:51

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