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Tue 22 Nov 2005

mobile mania

right, so i signed off my last post with a little ire toward the mobile phone companies. i still feel the ire, but i've got some updates. basically, i've broadened my wrath to include all the major mobile phone companies and not just verizon.

i live in the middle of nowhere, in a beautiful little valley about 60km from the nearest supermarket, next to a wonderful creek where the salmon run in the fall when there's enough rain, at the back end of a field where our cows graze. suffice to say that we don't have the greatest mobile phone service out here, but we were rather satisfied with at&t wireless (the website no longer exists, so it's not linked) before they were engulfed by the behemoth that is cingular. i had an at&t mobile phone about two years ago, when i was working in a factory, and i switched to be able to receive calls while at work. the at&t mobile didn't work in the building i worked in, but all i would have had to do is walk outside. and yeah, i'm kicking myself now because i've been fighting verizon for two full years now, and now my hands are tied.

the new service, global system for mobile communications, is a severely limited service that is essentially the only service offered any more. there are various frequencies that are used, but if you don't have a multi-frequency phone, you're bascially screwed as soon as you leave your home network. at times like these, i almost wish that there were a legal precedent for mobile phone networks. various providers throughout the country use different frequencies, and the coverage maps are woefully sparse. it seems that over 3/4 of the country does not have service. just look at the coverage in some of the most mountainous countries in europe like italy, switzerland, and germany to see what complete coverage they have. maybe we should limit mobile phone companies to individual states instead of having these massive companies with so-called "national" coverage that doesn't provide service to the majority of the country.

let's change the mobile phone service in this country and make it available to more people. i really don't think it would involve adding too many more cell towers because there are cell towers everywhere. all it would take is a little cooperation and some equipment upgrades of existing towers. and for goodness' sake, mobile companies, share the bleeding towers! if a phone works in one area with a cellular one tower, it should work in a different area with a t-mobile tower. is a little cross-compatibility too much to ask?

so, here i am, in the middle of nowhere, stuck with my verizon mobile phone that i really hate that turns itself off periodically when i try to make calls and service that really sucks out here (i can dial out, but nobody can hear me 99.9% of the time), because there are no other local providers that use standard digital/analog phones any more. until the gsm coverage is comparable to the digital/analog coverage, it's my opinion that companies should not phase out their digital/analog service. i don't think it's too much to ask.

in the meantime, i'm still going through everything i brought from spain, and there's one package that hasn't arrived yet. but that's a subject for another post at a later date.

posted by: mock turtle on 22 Nov, 05 | 07:51

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