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Wed 15 Feb 2006

life as i know it

right, it's been a while since i've written, and to tell the truth i don't really have much to say these days. i hate being unemployed--looking for work is about the worst way to spend time. i've been reading a lot of books, and i've picked up some of the knitting projects i'd let fall by the wayside and started a few new ones as well. the government is still annoying the hell out of me on a regular basis, and i'm generally worried about what the administration thinks they're doing to us. why does it seem that nobody else sees what the lawmakers are doing to our civil rights? are we really going to just sit back and let big brother take away all that makes us free without waging a righteous battle? that's a topic for a rant some day. in the meantime...

knitting. one thing i've learned while working on a pair of toe-up socks at the same time on a single pair of circular needles: short-row heels are pretty much impossible to do on two socks at the same time without mangling the slipped stitches by the time they're all ready to be picked up. i pulled one sock off the circulars and worked the heel then worked the heel on the other sock still on the circulars before putting both socks back on the circulars. i think a flap heel would be easier on the two circulars because there are no slipped stitches that would have to be moved from needle to needle multiple times.

barcelona. i really miss barcelona. i find myself thinking about going to the papelerķa down the street from my hostel to pick up some more notebooks and chat with my friend then realizing that i can't just walk a couple blocks to get there. i wonder what my friends are doing since i've not heard from anyone in quite a while. i wonder if i could have found a job there before now since it's proved so difficult to find a job here. i miss the people, the food, the city, the language, everything really. what i need is a good job that i can do from whereever i find myself, but i have a feeling that that's never going to happen. i still have my mobile phone from spain, and i waver between sending it to a friend and keeping it until i can get back. i look at the pictures (yeah, i'm still working on getting them ready for the web), and they make me sad knowing that i'm so far away and can't afford to go back anytime soon.

olympics. i've spent the last couple nights watching downhill, curling, and halfpipe. the olympics are cool, but i've never really been into competitive sports unless it's football (soccer, to some). the winter olympics don't really compare to the world cup in my opinion, though i'm sure there are lots of people who would disagree with me on that point.

valentine's day. blah, blah, blah. i've never been much for celebrating holidays, and to tell the truth i'm sick of all the commercialization that surrounds the majority of holidays anymore. i don't care about the newest diamond pendant that's on sale; i don't care how many teddy bears you should buy for your sweetheart; i don't care how many chocolates have to be made to meet the insane demand of this day.

miscellaneous. i think i'm all talked out for the moment. i suppose that i'll think of something more to say in the future, and i'll try to post sooner next time.

posted by: mock turtle on 15 Feb, 06 | 05:42

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