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Sun 12 Mar 2006

our crazy dog

image my mum and i tend to go shopping together when we get the chance, and by shopping i mean grocery shopping or shopping for kitchen gadgets and books rather than something mundane like clothes shopping. last week we went to town with plans to give dog a bath at one of those self service dog wash places. we had several other errands to run, so we left dog’s bath for the end of the day.

first, i had to swap out some knitting needles at my local yarn shop so i can work on the socks i hope to make for my sister. of course i haven’t yet started the socks, but they’re high on my list of projects. there’s a knit night on tuesday at the yarn shop (anyone in the immediate area is welcome to come along).

later, i had to get some groceries. while at the grocery store, mum took dog for a walk to the pet store near the grocery store. my shopping trip was very quick—i was in and out of the store within about ten minutes. mum had my keys, so i put my groceries in the canopy of my truck and waited for a while. it was windy and freezing, so i walked to the pet store to find them… to no avail. i went back to the truck and waited for a bit, but it was prohibitively cold. i went back to the pet store, and there was mum with dog coming out of the store. when dog saw me, he dropped a ball he’d picked up in the store. he hadn’t paid for the ball—we have a shoplifting dog!

we put the ball back and laughed at him for picking out the ball he wanted. we usually let him pick out a squeaky ball, but this time there were none in the store. he wasn’t too disappointed, and i’m sure he wasn’t looking forward to getting a bath. as it turned out, he didn’t have to worry because, apparently, both the self service dog wash places in the local towns are closed on mondays. so we came back home with our stinky, ball-less, suitably relieved and suitably chastised dog. as you can tell by his picture in this entry, he’s feeling pretty good about things now. you can’t smell him, but he still stinks.

posted by: mock turtle on 12 Mar, 06 | 15:02

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