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Wed 15 Mar 2006

celestial visions

image i like rainbows. iím not sure exactly why i like them, but i periodically take pictures of rainbows that intrigue me. iíve seen double rainbows, triple rainbows, rainbow clouds, halos, and sun dogs, and though iíve not been able to take pictures of all of these phenomena i plan on doing so when the next opportunity presents itself.

all this being said, i was driving in town yesterday and saw a rainbow the likes of which iíd never seen before. there was nowhere i could stop and still see it to take the picture. i made sure there was enough distance between my truck and the car in front of me, grabbed my camera, stabilized it on my steering wheel, and took a picture. the arc of this rainbow was very shallowóiíve never seen a rainbow with such a low arc, and it stretched across the entire visible horizon. it was in the mid-afternoon, and i didnít think that the sun was low enough at my back to cause this rainbow, but obviously it was. my experience with the rainbows in this region is with very steep arcs so this one was quite unique to me.

on the way home, i had to drive over the mountain where there is still snow on the ground. it was about 21.30 when i came over the pass, and the full moon lit up the landscape from high in the clear sky. normally thereís nothing to see on the forest floor no matter how much light the moon emits, but with the white snow.... well, thereís nothing quite so striking as seeing snow on the forest floor illuminated by the light of a full worm moon. i wish that i had my tripod with me because i would have attempted a photo of it, but youíll just have to take my word for it.

image knitting: thanks a million to michele from fiber nooks and crannys for helping me finally figure out the provisional crochet cast on! (sheís the owner of the store, by the way, and sheís always happy to help figure something out.) i have the toes done for my sisís new orange cotton blend socks. now i just need to decide what pattern i want to use on the body of the socks. iím considering a modified basket weave pattern or something lacy, but iíve not decided yet. iíll have to look at a few more stitch patterns before i finally decide.

image in other news, mum loves playing with her sewing machine. i just wish i could afford to buy her a high-end new machine, but in the meantime, sheís making cool quilts, hanging fabric pouches, and various pillow cases. she bought me this fabric when she was visiting my sis in volcano, hawaiíi last year, and she just brought this great pillow case over. iím almost afraid to use it lest it get dirty. can a turtle have a more perfect pillow case?

posted by: mock turtle on 15 Mar, 06 | 12:31

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