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Wed 12 Apr 2006

itís been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time

right, so iím not really much of a led zeppelin fan, but the lyrics from ďrock and rollĒ seemed to be very fitting. it has been a long time since i posted here, but i guess it hasnít really been very lonely. iíve been keeping busy looking for full-time work and part-time teaching english as a foreign language.

image image barcelona: iíve been missing the mediterranean. on my computer i have a calendar of artwork by salvador dalŪ and this monthís painting is ďthe weaning of furniture-nutritionĒ which reminds me of a picture i took while in barcelona. is there anything more quintessentially mediterranean than the fishing boats drawn up on the shore and the fishermen mending their nets? so here i am, on the pacific coast in a terribly small town where there are no opportunities, making gazpacho and patatas bravas (chips [potato cubes or wedges] with spicy tomato sauce) in hopes of bringing at least a taste of the spanish mediterranean coast to home. one more thing thatís missing from my taste of the mediterranean are the chermioya (xirimoia) fruits. i took a picture of them when i was in barcelona in hopes of finding them here, but apparently iíd have to drive to southern california to buy themÖ and theyíre prohibitively expensive. in barcelona i could buy a cherimoya fruit for less than one euro (0,70Ä), but here it would cost between $4 and $8 for one fruit. itís a sad world.

imageimage and home again. i do, however, love the countryside here where i live, and itís great to see the creatures that my mom makes out of moss and places around the property. this one here is sitting in a tree over the creek next to our bridge. heís got a few well-placed ferns, and i just had to take this picture on one of our first sunny spring days. a few years back, mom made me a moss monster to put in my flower gardenóit looks like a sea snake or a lake monster like the one found in lake okanagan (ogopogo). alas i donít have a photo of it, so youíll have to settle for the mossman picture here.

knitting. iím still working on the pair of socks that i wrote about a month ago in my last post. iíve finished the heels, and now iíve started on the leg of the socks. i know it seems like i must be a terribly slow knitter, and i have to admit that iíve been reading a lot more lately thanks to the new library theyíve built in my small town, but iíve also been working on some other projects. fiber nooks and crannys (my local knit shop) has an ongoing community project in which michele (the owner of the shop) gives knitters a skein of berroco brand chinchilla yarn (really soft rayon yarn), and we make a hat for a cancer patient. image each skein makes one hat, and it comes in great colours. it only takes a couple hours to make a hat, so itís a great break from larger projects. iím also working on a shirt that iíve been working on for about a year now on and off. hopefully iíll have it finished by next summer because itís almost certainly not going to be finished by this summer!

so thereís my update, and iíll try to keep up on it better in the future even if itís just a weekly weather report or something mundane like that.

posted by: mock turtle on 12 Apr, 06 | 15:48

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