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Wed 19 Apr 2006

easter, taxes, earth day... what a week!

imagethe weather has been flip-flopping like a politician over the last week. one day itís so cold i canít go outside without two extra layers, and the next day itís so hot i have to wear shorts! it was beginning to finally look like spring, and the snow had been melting on the surrounding mountains, when suddenly a huge cold front comes in and dumps more snow. once again the snow is melting, and weíre back to relatively normal temperatures for this time of year, but if the spring in oregon is anything, itís unpredictable! there is an inherent beauty to the budding green of spring that infuses everything with a feeling of satisfaction. enter the first flower of spring, the daffodil.image well, there are a few wildflowers that bloom before the daffodil, but the first commercial flower is usually the daffodil followed closely by the tulip. my parents have a daffodil farm, so we generally have flowers throughout the spring season. to tell the truth, i like the way daffodils look, but i canít stand their smell. theyíre not as bad as some flowers, but i generally donít have daffodils in my house.

imageanimals. the cows are having their spring fling, and theyíve been escaping from their field almost every day. mumís glad to have the dog to help herd the cows back into the field, but the dog usually spends his days sitting on the porch in his chair or begging for someone to play catch with him. his standing chore has been to keep the cows off the fence, and he would do a better job if the cows were escaping through the fence nearest the porch! the cat that lives at my house comes out to meet me every time i come home. she even runs alongside the truck as i pull into my parking space then she sits outside my sliding-glass door pawing and meowing if her food dish isnít full. image if only she would do something about the blue jays that come to steal her food while she sits about a metre away! iíve had several troubles with critters stealing cat food, but thereís only so much i can do about it living in the middle of nowhere. i suppose iím lucky that i have only raccoons and possums and not larger animals like cougars or bears on my porch.

middle of nowhere. all in all, iím glad that i donít live in the suburbs. given a choice between the middle of nowhere and some random middle-class suburb, iíll choose the middle of nowhere every time. however, if i could afford the rent, iíd probably be living downtown in some mid-size city riding my bike to work instead of commuting on the road less traveled.image i must say, though, that the poem by robert frost, the road not taken, illustrates some of the events in my life quite nicely. if my parents hadnít taken the road less traveled, i wouldnít be here, and i donít think iíd have the appreciation of nature that i have. i canít imagine growing up in the city, but i can certainly imagine living in one now! it would be nice to live closer to everything instead of having to drive at least 40 kilometres (25 miles) to go to the grocery store.

image knitting. the socks are still works in progress. iíve been working on more little hand warming critters. i now have a total of three hand warmers ready to send to my sister. iíve also done a couple more chemo caps. i do, however, need to sit down and finish the socks i started over a month ago! iíve bought a couple more skeins of sock yarn, and theyíre calling to me. i either have to finish the four socks (yeah, thereís another pair thatís in progress) iíve got going, or i need to buy more needles! iÖ willÖ notÖ buyÖ moreÖ needlesÖ i have to keep telling myself this. if i had a full-time job with a decent income, it may be a different story, but as it is i really canít justify spending money on more needles when i already have two sets of circulars and two sets of double-pointed for socks.

right, wish me luck in finding a full-time job so i can afford my knitting addiction. happy late easter, happy late tax day (now thereís an oxymoron! not to mention a topic for a rant another dayÖ), and happy earth day this saturday.

posted by: mock turtle on 19 Apr, 06 | 20:30

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