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Sat 27 May 2006

a little madness in the spring is wholesome even for a king –emily dickinson

i know it's been a long time since i posted last, but, as you'll see in the following post, things have been a bit hectic lately…. and before things became hectic, i was depressed enough to spend the better part of a month doing almost absolutely nothing. i continued teaching my english class twice a week; i kept looking for jobs online and in the papers; i still went grocery shopping once a week or so; i participated in a couple knit nights. all in all, things went on as normal, but i didn't feel like leaving the house or doing anything remotely interesting. so now for the updates….

relocation. make the king in the above quote king kamehameha, and you'll get it. i've been looking for work ever since i got back from spain in november, and i've been unsuccessful since then. i've grown progressively more cynical and depressed as time has passed, and since the parents have agreed to help me out with rent for a couple months i'm making a big move. frankly, this choice and opportunity to move surprises me immensely—usually i decide to move after having visited the city at least once. this time, i'm moving completely sight unseen… my sister lives in hilo, hawai'i, so i'm going to hawai'i to be a housemate. it's going to be an interesting experience to say the least!

barcelona. where has the time gone? it certainly doesn't seem like it's been six months since i got back from spain. so now i can legally go back to europe… if only i could afford it! i miss my friends and the city. for the time being, hilo will have to serve as a stand-in for the european flair of barcelona. maybe the humid warmth of hawai'i along with the ocean breezes and readily available tropical fruit will take my mind off barcelona for long enough to make enough to afford the plane ticket back to spain.

image knitting. i'm working on a sweater for myself, finally. i found some great mercerized cotton for sale a couple weeks ago and decided that it was about time for me to start on a sweater that i can actually wear. it's going to be pretty neat, even though it may seem redundant with my plans to move next week, but who knows… i may actually want a sweater for those icy days (yeah, right). of course the same would stand for all the socks i'm currently working on, but that's beside the point, right? i've also recently started my first lace project: a flower basket shawl using misti alpaca lace weight yarn. it looked daunting at the beginning, but now i'm really enjoying it. once i get it finished and blocked, i'll post a picture of it. it looks pretty cool so far, but it's barely half finished. mum really liked the shawl i made for her, and here's a picture of it on my sister's mannequin. i have the feeling that i should start working on more… um… hawai'ian designs. maybe i'll have to make some cool turtle stuff or make a new bikini pattern.

weather. spring shows what god can do with a drab and dirty world –virgil a. kraft it's raining again, finally. they had actually banned backyard burning for a couple weeks because it had been so dry lately. the rain will certainly help mum's new garden grow. last weekend mum and dad moved the greenhouse to the new garden location closer to the house, so they'll have veggies through the oregon winter. for now the rain can wash the dust off all the green spring leaves to make everything brilliant again.

posted by: mock turtle on 27 May, 06 | 21:45

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