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Sat 19 Aug 2006

not much to say... again

image life has changed again since i last posted. after a week and a half working with the kids (with whom i had a lot of fun) i could feel myself getting sick. without health insurance that's a very serious issue, so when the offer for a full-time position came in at goodwill industries of hawaii i had to take the job. i've been there for about a week and a half, and i'm still trying to learn everybody's name. it's a great group of people to work with, and the office ambience is warm and upbeat. in the afternoons when i get home, i spend my time watching the big screen (see the picture here) where the geckos hang out. at night i make sure to turn on the light in the carport so they have a good supply of insects to hunt. it's so much fun to watch them scurry about snatching flying bugs out of the air! there are several types of geckos here, but these house geckos are the most common. the other night i counted at least seven of them hanging out around the light in the carport, and one time i saw a gecko try to catch a moth that was bigger than him! they're amusing to say the least, and it makes me happy to watch lizards. since the people came to wash off the roof and the sides of the house, i've not seen any anoles, but i'm sure they're around still. i'll just have to sit outside one of these days when it's not raining and wait for them to come bob their heads at me.

image when mum and i were up on the lava flats near kilauea i saw all these cool red flowers that look like little pompoms. the trees grow nicely in the lava, and i understand that they have the ability to sink their roots deep into the rocky soil, so they're very hardy trees. i'd heard the name lehua but i never knew what kind of flower it was until someone told me. the tree is an ohia tree, and the flower is a lehua flower. there's a neat legend that goes with it about pele and scorned lovers (you can read it on the link a couple lines up). i definitely need to learn more about the legends and lore of the hawaiian culture--it's wonderfully fascinating!

image in the meantime, i've been working through the rain. the rain started shortly after mum went back to the mainland, and even though it's usually been raining at night there have been a few days when it was just downright stormy. since i work near the beach (though i can't see it from my office) i can take my lunch down to watch the waves crash on the lava rocks. on the day i took these pictures there were surfers just off the point. the weather, though cloudy and rainy, was warm and i was tempted to jump in the water if i hadn't had to go back to work! image this point is where i sometimes sit to watch the cruise ships approaching the port in the morning and wonder why in the world people would want to be stuck on a moving mall with access to land for only a few hours every few days. though i love the sea and sailing, i can't imagine wanting to be stuck on a ship with a couple thousand strangers who want to party. maybe someday i'll take a cruise just to say i've done it, but for the time being, i'm looking for a friend who has a 21- to 45-foot sailboat who'd like to take me along some weekend. i'm not to bad at pulling lines, though my knee is still a bit wobbly! maybe i'll just have to look around for a small boat for sale and take myself sailing, eh? in the meantime, i'll have to content myself with watching from the shore.

so to everyone out there: have a wonderful time, and try to fill your life (and those around you) with aloha. believe me, it's much better with aloha!

posted by: mock turtle on 19 Aug, 06 | 19:29

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