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Fri 01 May 2009

too gone for too long...

so it's been a long while since i've updated this, and i keep thinking about it but thinking about it doesn't get it done. i don't really have much to say. i've been busy with toastmasters (the website address is going to be changing soon) and work. things are going better than they were before, and i've had the opportunity to play a bit.

i actually took a class on how to make chocolate and took lots of pictures (on my flickr photostream). but here's a shot of the pods on the trees to get started.


i'll try to post some more pictures soon, but i think i'm running out of space on my free flickr account. i may have to break down and pay for the upgraded version.

posted by: mock turtle on 01 May, 09 | 00:43

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