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Wed 26 May 2004


the other night i had the strangest dream. i was at a friend's house, though i've never seen it in my waking hours, and i have no idea who the person was in the dream. the house was located in a forest, and it seemed unfinished. i have a memory of seeing the house from above in the dream. anyhow, we were getting ready to have a nice dinner. they had ordered a salad of some type from the far east (don't ask me why) in the shape of a sea turtle. the refrigerator had plexiglas doors, so we could see this huge salad without opening the doors. we were standing looking at the salad when suddenly part of it started to move under the turtle's left hind flipper, and the head of a beautiful viper appeared. the snake was red-gold with bright yellow eyes. i don't know that this snake exists in reality or not, but it was quite memorable and amazingly beautiful. everybody was frightened except for me because i like snakes whether they're venomous or not. at some point somebody hung a curtain over the plexiglas doors of the refrigerator so they wouldn't have to look at the snake slithering around in there. bad idea. when i removed the curtain so we could continue observing the snake, i saw that it had crept to where the double-doors joined together and was pushing its way out of the refrigerator. everybody freaked out when this mid-size snake (about six feet or so) emerged from the refrigerator and started slithering toward the door. i didn't want it to escape (non-native species should never be released into the wild), so i took it by the tail and moved to pull it back into the kitchen area. as i turned to avoid getting bitten, the snake's head caught on the door jamb and enabled it to double back on itself. i got bitten on the palm of my left hand. as the snake was biting me, i calmly grabbed it behind the head, pulled its fangs from my hand, and carried it to the counter where we proceeded to cut off its head with an available kitchen knife. we put the snake in a bag, and i told my friends that we needed to contact emergency services. as we were waiting for emergency services to arrive, i began to experience increasing difficulty in breathing. when i got to the point where i could barely breathe at all, i woke up.

now i imagine that most people would call this a nightmare, but it didn't scare me at all. having the experience of respiratory failure and being an amateur herpetologist, the effects of the venom were completely expected. i don't think that my dream self had resolved to die, but i knew that panic is the worst thing to do in such a situation. somehow it all worked out.

as far as other updates, i have a job interview on friday. wish me luck!

posted by: mock turtle on 26 May, 04 | 13:11

Wed 12 May 2004

back again

i don't really have much to say these days. it's all pretty much more of the same. still looking for work since we're pretty sure to be laid off toward the end of the summer. same story, different day.

i saw a herd of elk on the way to work this morning. they're such large animals. there were probably about twenty of them in a fog-laden field. i'm glad i live in the middle of nowhere so i can see such sights periodically. i don't think i could handle living in a large town or city for an extended period of time.

that's about it for an update.

posted by: mock turtle on 12 May, 04 | 14:42

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